Jail Sentences for Bosses of Rat-infested Takeaway

AImaget an unannounced inspection, council officers found rat droppings in the cooking and eating areas, along with ‘filthy’ switches, taps and food mixers at the Red Sea in Southall. More at

ITV website
Ealing Council website

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Southall’s Poor Urban Environment

Southall Opportunity Area Planning Framework, a document produced by Ealing and the GLA, is supposed to be a road-map for regenerating Southall for the next 20 years. On page 25, the report comments that “On a daily basis, Southall’s streets are very highly used and the intensity of demand from the various uses/users is well beyond the physical space available. This causes problems in relation to traffic/pedestrian conflict. The quality of the urban environment is poor and lack inviting and usable public spaces along the high street in which to gather and socialise.”(section 2.39). The photos below (taken recently) would seem to confirm this finding.

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Council Forward Plan, 1 Jun – 30 Sep 2014

To see Ealing Council’s Forward Plan for 1 June 2014 to 30 September 2014 click on Continue reading

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No Change: Southall Councillors Continue to Fail Residents

In our article titled “Cleaner Streets??” printed on January 2007 to highlight the constant dumping of rubbish in The Green, we published the following photo


On his walkabout in Southall, councillor Phil Taylor unsurprisingly also spotted the flytip problem at the same location – the picture below is from his blog article

rb4We know that the locals have been constantly contacting the ward councillors and the Council to try and put a stop to this constant dumping of rubbish by the residents of the ‘flats’ (more like a social drop-in centre that is open 24 hours, 7 days a week) at this location. Eight years since we raised this problems with ward councillors and councill officers, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. These photos speak volumes about the the failure of the the three Norwood Green ward councillors, Mr Mann, Mrs Mann, and Aslam. Perhaps failure might be too kind a word, such a record may be better described as being tananmount to incompetence…

Here are some more recent photos submitted to us (note the front door to these ‘flats’ that is always left wide open):

rb1 rb2 rb3

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Time For Change! (Guest Article)

Those of us who aspire for a better future for all are faced with a dilemma in the forthcoming council and European Parliament elections; who should we vote for?

If we look back on some major campaigns fought by the community over recent years, and are willing to learn from these experiences, we might be in a better position to make the right choice.

The Gas Works Campaign
Overwhelming community support forced Ealing Council to back down when they put forward the proposal to develop large scale housing on the Gas Works site. But sabotage by local leaders sadly allowed Boris Johnson to use his mayoral power to give the green light to this development. Piara Khabra and Virendra Sharma both played dirty politics during this campaign.

It wosouthall gas worksuld have been fairly simple to treat the contaminated soil in the ninety one acre site, resulting in about 70 acres of usable land. If there had been the will, this site could have become the hub that would have uplifted the whole of Southall. Land that could have housed a medical university (with accommodation for staff), a community leisure centre, a large library, or much needed green space to enrich the air with oxygen. Instead this site was sold for peanuts to private developers under the pretext that Southall will benefit from a billion pound investment. Now we will be lumbered with nearly four thousand additional homes adding to the congestion and a big strain on the already poor infrastructure. Continue reading

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Who will you vote for on 22 May 2014?

labour councillorIn 2010 we wrote an article where we stated that

“one might be forgiven for  thinking that if some of the local parties had their way they would be prepared to select a monkey to stand in Southall if they thought the people would vote for him or her.”

It seems that nothing has changed going by correspondence we have received from some residents of Southall. It is not only shocking, but also sad to observe the depth to which the standard of politics has sunk – we are tempted to go further and say that a monkey might actually do a better job than some of the current councillors in office.

In case you think we are scaremongering, here is an email response from one Southall councillor to some perfectly reasonable enquiries made by a resident in his/her ward

“[name],Thanks for your e-mail.better you contact to southall green ward councillors because that area comes in their ward,but i am agree with this proposal .its not fair to open late night.


We have verified that the above is a correspondence reproduced exactly as received from the Southall councillor, with the grammar and punctuation unchanged. This is just one examples of many such shocking replies being received from Southall councillors.

As stated in our earlier article, surely it is not unreasonable to expect that our councillors are able to read, write and speak English to a good level, and to be proficient in the use of Information Technology?  Most sane people would consider this to be a minimum requirement for anybody considering standing for election as a councillor. It is fair to conclude that Labour does not care, has no procedures in place to ensure that it only puts forward candidates that have the ability to represent their ward to a high standard. We are forced to repeat that “ ‘dirty politics’ may be an apt phrase to describe the workings of local politics within Ealing’s political parties – the will to power is far greater than the will to serve.”

With the election looming, the sheep-mentality party activists will be out in force pulling the wool over people’s eyes with handshakes and beaming faces.  The rhetoric on doorsteps and at places of worship will be unashamedly self-serving and disingenuous.

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A Positive Move for Southall?

Ealing Gazette recently (3 December 2010) reported that Council leader Julian Bell had an “eye-opening” experience while out on patrol with Southall Police. and called for business, faith and community leaders to get together to address the prostitution and drug use in Southall.

Bell went on to say “I would like to hold a meeting that brings together community leaders, business leaders, faith leaders and the council so we can develop a strategy for the next three or four years. No one group can tackle this alone and expect to be successful. It’s only by working together that we would make any sort of impact.”

Although we do not have any details yet, our sources tell us that a public meeting has been set up to take place at the Dominion Centre, Southall on 10 March 2011 where Mr Bell and Chief Superintendent Andy Rowell are billed to address the audience.

Let’s hope that this is the start of something positive for Southall, and does not just turn into just another talking shop.

It might just be worthwhile keeping an eye on this…

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