Ealing Local Plan Policy 2.9

Regenerate the Havelock Area

(a) To redevelop and refurbish the Havelock Estate to achieve an attractive and popular residential locality, with improved public transport accessibility and easy pedestrian access to Southall Town Centre. This will lead to the provision of 193 additional mixed tenure homes.

(b) To improve the overall quality of Southall’s green space, upgrade the security of the existing park between railway and canal with cycle access at all entrances and introduce new residential and canal development with residential moorings, workshops and facilities. The Metropolitan Open Land and Public Open Space designations at Glade Lane will all be retained.

(c) To regenerate the Middlesex Business Centre and environs with a mixed employment and other uses, possibly including housing provision but retaining job potential equivalent to the existing provision.

(d) To improve the towpath, including creating a bypass for the steep ramp by the lock for cycles and wheelchairs.

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Ealing Local Plan Policy 2.8

Revitalise Southall Town Centre

(a) To regenerate Southall Town Centre leading to the provision of up to 3,320 additional mixed tenure homes.

(b) To re-configure the boundaries of Southall Town Centre to incorporate the major retail development on Southall Gas Works site whilst at the same time excluding the area south of The Green. The centre will provide a high quality mainstream retail offer to complement the Asian offer elsewhere within the centre including the development of up to 24-32,000 sqm of gross retail floor space, provision of town centre parking on the Southall Gas Works site and a package of bus improvement measures so that visitors can visit other parts of the centre. King Street has been re-branded as a neighbourhood shopping centre serving Southall Green. Continue reading

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Ealing Local Plan Policy 1.2

Vision For Ealing 1.2

1.2 (a) At least 50% of the housing developed in the borough up to 2026 will be affordable housing, as defined in the London Plan, to achieve mixed communities with a range of housing types across the borough and to meet need.

1.2 (b) To apply a sequential approach to the location of new office development with the primary focus being at Ealing town centre, a secondary focus at Park Royal and with some provision at Greenford. Employment land will be categorised for short, medium or long-term protection.

1.2 (c) To maintain and increase the supply of retail floorspace across the borough to meet identified demand and to sustain the vitality and viability of the retail hierarchy, by encouraging up to 98,500 sqm (gross) floorspace of comparison retail floorspace and up to 29,900 sqm (gross) convenience retail floorspace over the plan period. Continue reading

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Ealing Local Plan Policy 1.1

Vision For Ealing 1.1
eal_dev_strgy(a) By 2026, we aim to provide 14,000 additional homes, 94,500 sqm of new office floorspace, decrease our net stock of industrial floorspace by 57,000 sqm (equivalent to 14 hectares) through managed release and provide up to 128,400 gross sqm of new retail floorspace.

(b) Development of these new homes, business and retail space will be primarily concentrated in:

  • The Uxbridge Road / Crossrail corridor – particularly focused in Acton, Ealing and Southall town centres; around key stations at Acton Mail Line, Ealing Broadway and Southall; and, municipal housing estates including Copley Close, Green Man Lane, Havelock and South Acton.
  • The A40 / Park Royal corridor – particularly focused in Greenford town centre; Acton Main Line, Greenford and North Acton stations; Park Royal; and, other industrial estates.

Continue reading

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Jail Sentences for Bosses of Rat-infested Takeaway

AImaget an unannounced inspection, council officers found rat droppings in the cooking and eating areas, along with ‘filthy’ switches, taps and food mixers at the Red Sea in Southall. More at

ITV website
Ealing Council website

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Southall’s Poor Urban Environment

Southall Opportunity Area Planning Framework, a document produced by Ealing and the GLA, is supposed to be a road-map for regenerating Southall for the next 20 years. On page 25, the report comments that “On a daily basis, Southall’s streets are very highly used and the intensity of demand from the various uses/users is well beyond the physical space available. This causes problems in relation to traffic/pedestrian conflict. The quality of the urban environment is poor and lack inviting and usable public spaces along the high street in which to gather and socialise.”(section 2.39). The photos below (taken recently) would seem to confirm this finding.

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Council Forward Plan, 1 Jun – 30 Sep 2014

To see Ealing Council’s Forward Plan for 1 June 2014 to 30 September 2014 click on Continue reading

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