Flouting The Law

tudor rose may 2006

Illegal parking outside the Tudor Rose Club, photo taken May 2006.


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The time has come. A new dawn awaits. Shake off the lethargy and rise to the challenge of reclaiming your quality of life! Fight for what you deserve - after all you have been paying the council tax. Resolve to be fobbed off no longer, rise and make your voice heard!
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One Response to Flouting The Law

  1. pavnit says:

    Intreting comments on Southall Councillers !! Weel Iam sure the comment and the sentiments are shared by over 90% of Litrate Southall Residents.
    Over the last 30 years we have seen minimum investment from London Borough Of Ealing. Southall has been Syestamatically been deprived of Infarastructire investments and services it needs to support ever larger numbers of Guest Communities arriving in the area. More Housing is built without any due consedration on Traffic Congestion,services and basic neesds such as Docters, schools and community centers,public ammenities.
    All this and many more problems can be placed at the doorsteps of our ever so busy elected Councillers. I have a feeling that few of them would find it difficult to write a letter or to reply to one without exrenal help. Mr Brown should intoduce a legislation that any memeber of Public Standing for Public office must be litrate to GCSE A level Standard.
    Our So called councillers have been busy ( last 15years) recruting mermbers ship to secure their postions, Horse trading to secure their postions. and most of their energies are chanelled in looking over their shoulders to see who will back stab them . Factonalism and infighting amongst the labour councillers has done more dammage to Southall in the last 20 years. Some of our councillers are down right lazy.
    Conservative Central office -Watch out who who you have let in. ( as an Tory sumpatheser i had to say this ) You have intoduced a a terminal illness of infighting power play and thugisness in your local party at the Expense of the Local population.
    Soutall is often portarayed as pleasent diverse law abiding community by the London Borough Of Ealing , Yes This Senior Politicians and LBE officers like our food our money and like to be Photographed with us but we are treated with totall disrespect when it comes to providing us with some level of services whilst our ever so busy councillers are manipulated and chanmel ther energies into recruting more members .

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