Question About Phoenix House Planning

Once again it is clear from this proposed development that Southall is being used as a ‘dumping ground. for refugees in the borough. The business centre and library is just a window dressing to make the scheme more acceptable. The Council should be working with the residents, businesses, police and transport authorities in any proposed development of Phoenix House to ensure that features/facilities are built into any new plan which improve the welfare of local residents and enhance the profile of Southall.

Some of the objectives listed in the Southall Town Centre Strategy are:

  • Improve the overall accessibility of the town centre to all its local customers, businesses and local residents, particularly by public transport, cycling, walking and for those with disabilities;
  • Make walking around the centre a more pleasant, safe and easy experience – day and night;
  • Ensure an integrated approach to traffic and parking management, public transport, cycling and walking;
  • Reduce traffic congestion and traffic flows within the town centre to make it a pleasant place and help meet local and national traffic reduction targets;
  • Provide safe, secure and sufficient car parking distributed across the centre on and off street to enhance the town centre for residents and pedestrians. Car parking could be reduced as public transport improves, consistent with maintaining the centre’s economic vitality;

This proposed development fails to meet these objectives; in addition there are a number of concerns:

  • Does the Council agree that Southall is already overcrowded, and that this additional residential accommodation will be used for transferring refugees from other more ‘sensitive’ parts of the borough?
  • Was a traffic assessment report carried out to ensure the existing congestion on The Green and King Street and surrounding areas will not be exacerbated by this development?
  • Are the flats in the development going to be rented or sold off? If rented, will the Council be using the flats to house people on their waiting lists, refugees and asylum seekers?
  • Is there any stipulation as to who can be housed (or purchase) the flats (ie. could we end up in a situation where the new development is a refugee ‘ghetto’)?
  • If shops are part of the development, will there be any restrictions on the trade to be allowed (eg nightclub, pub)?
  • What facilities/amenities will be provided to cater for the families and their children living in the 149 new flats?
  • will the existing library on Osterley Park Road be closed down as a new library / resource centre is being planned in the new development?

Therefore, this planning application should be opposed for the following reasons:

  1. for a development of this scale, there is nothing in the plan that improves the welfare and quality of life of local residents
  2. the area is already congested with a high volume of human and vehicle traffic. The road system will be unable to cope with the additional traffic generated by this development.
  3. there is already an acute lack of car parking spaces in the area and this development would inevitably have an devastating effect on the local residents. The stated figure of 109 parking spaces for 149 residential units is plainly insufficient.
  4. there is already enough nuisance/public disorder created by customers of the Tudor Rose club, the Mehfil restaurant and the Tyre and Car business, and the numerous Somali cafes in the locality. These need to be looked at and controlled rather than additional strain being put on the area.
  5. this seems to be a purely money making exercise with no regard to the effects on the local community.

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5 Responses to Question About Phoenix House Planning

  1. Hortus Road Resident says:

    I believe the planning for the development has been given the go ahead, Many of the points raised in this post are very valid, did you get any response from the council?

  2. geezer says:

    All these concerns were raised with Ealing Planning Services and a number of councillors fron Norwood Green ward, but no reply was given.

  3. Marie Babyanss says:

    I am too disappointed that after waiting 15 years for this ugly building to become of good use to the community, there is still a lot of disagreements, which means it may take many more years for anything to heppen in this run down, busy and chaotic area. I have lived in the vicinity of The Green for 23 years and have seen the area going down and down.

    Southall deserves better – so can we have some positive development and can we have it soon?

  4. geezer says:

    “Southall deserves better – so can we have some positive development and can we have it soon?”

    Couldn’t agree with you more Marie, but going by the record of successive councils over the years, we can’t see any positive developments happening soon.

    Quite on the the contrary, there are more and more residential developments being squeezed into Southall whilst central Ealing continues to receive much of the the funding and attention. Just in this week’s Gazette it has been reported that Ealing council is about to sell off Southall Community Centre. Shameful.

    We wish more people took time to demand better services and proper management of our resources by the local councilors.

  5. Annoyed southallian says:

    I absolutely agree with this article and am gobsmacked as to why more is not being done to address the real issues in southall and thats the overdose of refugees and people there illegally. You just have to walk around King Street in the morning to see illegals standing on the corner looking for work and not to mention the hundreds of illegals hidden in people back sheds. Is the council and immigration really that blind to the balant corruption by so called Student Visa service Agencies that are popping up around southall?? I know at least 10 students who have solely come to southall supporrted by their relatives on student visas working illegally in East London and come here to find british brides and grooms or “cousins” to get married. Immigration needs to pull their finger out and sort out these issues. The british born residents will be the last people to benefit from this redevelopment while all the refugees most who are mostly fake and the benefit scroungers just here to profit from our generous benefit system will be housed in the new housing developments. You should come and walk down broadway and look at the people there its a wonder where the hell all these people came from and why they are here!? I’ve lived in southall all my life and watched refugees and immigrants take away the quality of life and traditions the locals had here who moved here in the 70s and 80’s I feel so devastated seeing them take over primary school places, take over council houses and worsen the NHS waiting lists and overburden maternity and GP surgeries. I wish to dear god I I could move away everyday. I hate my life here in southall.

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