Cleaner Streets ??

leader of ealing council, john staceyDespite the new conservative administration taking control of Ealing council in 2006, and despite the rhetoric, not much seems to have changed after seven months in power.

Council leader Jason Stacey proclaimed last year “I am determined that this borough s going to get cleaner and be a better place in which to live. This initiative, as part of all the other measures which we have announced so far and are still developing, will play an important role in this.

Picture below taken in December 2006 – the rubbish on this particular location can be seen every week!



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14 Responses to Cleaner Streets ??

  1. Doctor Shaan says:

    I could not agree more. This is only talk but no action. Infact the officer who are suppose to monitor do not give a damn. Poor Stacey does not have any influenace. I am witnessing this on weekly basis. He even did street cleaning check but what did it make any differnec nothing. He although promise that he will make a differnec what? the directors just give smile when they meet him after the meeting they do not care.

  2. geezer says:

    Dr Shaan, the Southall Pride team have seen proof of correspondence between residents on this street and Ealing council reporting this litter and asking for something to be done, but we are sad to report that this state of affairs still continues on this street.

    Perhaps there are not enough Southall people going to the council demanding they receive services they deserve?

    We cannot simply let Cllr Stacey off the hook by simply calling him “poor Stacey” – he is the Leader of the council, and it’s his job to ensure the council delivers!

  3. David Highton says:

    This is exactly the sort of problem that made me volunteer as a Streetwatcher in my part of West Ealing. I got sick and tired of rubbish being dumped in the streets and reached the point where I felt I had to take some responsibility myself and not just walk past anymore and ignore it. It’s only a small step but it does help. Most fly-tips are now cleared within 24 hours and, if not, then it gives you clear evidence that the contractors, ECT, are failing to do their job properly as are the Council officials who should monitor and enforce ECT’s contract.

  4. Pippy says:

    Who leaves this rubbish like that? Our community, that’s who. And then you moan that the Council doesn’t act; get off your seats and take some responsibility!!

  5. geezer says:

    David and Pippy,you’re absolutely right about taking responsibility rather than just ignoring issues that affect our quality of life. If it is indeed the case that the council clears fly-tips within 24 hours, then this is to be welcomed and congratulated.

    But we the council tax paying residents not only have the right, but have the responsibility of questioning council officers and councilors to ensure we are receiving the best and most efficient services possible.

    Whilst becoming a Streetwatcher is a positive step in taking responsibility, should we not also question the council on the role of the paid street wardens who are supposed to ‘patrol’ Southall.

  6. cherrubin says:

    please action above issue as this bin bags on the public path way it attracts pets.Also people who visit my home always ask why iam living in this street and why do have to pay council tax where by council not taking any action.

  7. David says:

    Most towns have the same problems as Southall – all talk and no action when it comes to cleaning graffiti and litter off the streets!

  8. Brian says:

    I agree with David – and there should be posters on lamposts to stick chewing gum on, instead of throwing it on the pavement.

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