Southall Rat Problem Grows Scary

Rats can grow to the size of a domestic cat and have teeth so powerful they can gnaw their way through the walls of your house. According to Malcolm Radley of Rentokil, one rodent the length of a domestic cat was recently found in Darlington, County Durham.

Barrie Sheard, chairman of the National Pest Technician’s Association (NPTA) says we only have ourselves to blame. He said “A lot of piping in modern homes is increasingly becoming plastic and they can get through that no problem.”

Recently, the chief executive the association, John Davison issued this chilling warning: “It’s a grave problem. The way this is growing it is going to give rise to some kind of public health risk.”

One reasons for rodent explosion is that more councils charging for domestic rodent work – Ealing charges £60 for three visits. The problem in Southall is so widespread that it’s hard to envisage how it can be eradicated by one, or even two visits by the council to individual properties. It is high time Ealing council recognised this serious problem and started taking measure that are aimed at dealing with the rat problem, rather than letting residents pay for something which even the Ealing Pest Control officers know is not going to be effective.

And I wonder why the so called Street Wardens in Southall have failed to bring this potentially explosive issue to the notice of Environment Services? Some residents have speculated that the Wardens have been gobbled up by the super rats.

Perhaps the real answer lies in the fact that we are talking about Southall….


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4 Responses to Southall Rat Problem Grows Scary

  1. Deepak Sood says:

    A few years ago I paid the council to come and lay rat poison in my front and back garden hoping that would cure the problem. I would not waste my money again, because for every rat killed by the poison hundreds others will take their place.

    A huge problem such as this needs a big solution. Maybe the council should consider laying poison bait in the wol of Southall over a period of 6 month. But that will cost money, and it’s quite evident the council does not given a hoot about Southall, so don’t hold your breath.

    And if you bother to attend one of the Southall area meetings you be amazed to see what a joke some of our councilors are.

    Perhaps we should all pledge to catch at least 10 rats in the next 2 weeks and release them in central Ealing as an experiment to see if the council allows the rat population to grow in this part of the borough.

  2. Piara Khabra says:

    Jonathan Shaw (Chatham and Aylesford, Labour) asks
    “Is my right hon. Friend aware that there are now 60 million rats in the United Kingdom—and the numbers are growing? Does he agree with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, which has strongly criticised water companies for their failure to bait sewers effectively? Is it not time that they faced up to their responsibility? Finally, will he remember that at any one time, every person in the United Kingdom is no more than 9 m away from the nearest rat?”

    The Prime Minister replies
    “First, I did not know that there were 60 million rats in the UK; in fact, I am not sure that I wanted to know that. I am told that the control of rats and mice is mainly the responsibility of local authorities under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, with which I am sure the House is familiar. However, I can also tell my hon. Friend that the Local Government Association and the water industry published a joint protocol in 1999 setting out arrangements for closer working between sewerage undertakers and local authorities in respect of rodent infestation in sewers. I hope that, just as I am now enlightened, he is too.”

    From Commons Hansard Debates, 4 Feb 2004

  3. terrified lady says:

    southall needs to be burnt down and built over to eradicate the rat problem!!!!!!!!! (no joke) its extremely serious and getting worse………

  4. Mick Tee says:

    Ealing Council – Need to provide proper containers. The black bag system used in Northolt, just provides food stations for Rats. So we are in effect, feeding them!!!! Nice if your a RAT…
    Wheely Bins are so much more effective at keeping rats away from refuse & over the long term cheaper than 100’s of millions of plastic bags, that cost to dispose of & end up where?
    You can’t Recycle plastic bags.
    Recycle Recycle Recycle.
    Perhaps Ealing are saving a too much on not having to remove all the stuff the RATs eat??

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