Asset Stripping by Stealth?

save the dominion centre public meeting Plans are afoot by Ealing council to pass on control the Dominion Arts Centre, based in The Green, Southall to a third party. It was clear from the ‘Save The Dominion Centre’ public meeting on 12th March 2007, held appropriately at the Dominion Centre, that no consultation with user groups or the wider Southall community has been carried out.

It was encouraging to see such a good turnout, and should send out a strong signal to Ealing council that residents of Southall are ready rise to the challenge of safeguarding vital community services and facilities. Even some Labour councillors, including councillor Sonika Nirwal made the effort to attend.

Click here to listen to a short presentation by Francis Shepherd, whose group use the centre to teach and promote Tabla.

Click here to listen to a short presentation by the East African Senior Citiezens User Group.

Brendan Walsh from Ealing council was also present at the meeting, his contribution can be heard here. Further question can be addressed to him by phoning Ealing council, or by email at

Expand post to see more photos.
Public Meeting Speakers
Save the Dominion Centre meeting in Progress
Nirwal and Brendan


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4 Responses to Asset Stripping by Stealth?

  1. Sunny says:

    What the hell? Why is the centre under threat? Bastards!

  2. Randomite says:





    Janpal Basran reported that Planning and Community Group held a meeting on 14 March. One of the items discussed was the Southall Hub Development. The Southall Hob will be a building which will house a number of services run by London Borough of Ealing and some community gorups.

    The meeting requested that Ealing Community Network initiated a consultation with London Borough of Ealing to address the following points:

    That there was lack of transparency and Southall Groups had not been consulted
    That consultation should include groups who are either Users of the Centre, located near the Hub or based in Southall and groups who might use the Hub occasionally
    That Groups would like an opportunity to give a meaningful input about the development
    That a process should be established whereby groups could be involved prior to decisions being made rather than after

    Janpal said that the Southall Hub had been dominated by discussions about the Dominion Centre. The meeting would also like the “Dominion” issue to be separated temporarily.

    It was AGREED that Ealing Community Network would facilitate a consultation with voluntary groups aiming to lead to an agreement on proposals which could then be presented to London Borough of Ealing.

  3. geezer says:

    Thanks for the update Randomite

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