Shooting after nightclub brawl

A TEENAGER was shot in the leg during a massive brawl outside a nightclub on Saturday.

A crowd of around 40 men were seen fighting outside the nightclub in The Green, Southall, when a gunshot was heard at 3.15am.

Bricks and broken glass were found in the street after a member of public called police – but the fighters had left on foot.

A short while later a 19-year-old presented himself at hospital with a bullet wound in his leg. He is still in hospital in a stable condition.

Detective constable Nick Dunn, investigating, said: “There was a lot of people outside the club when the altercation started and we are keen to speak to anyone in the area who witnessed the fight, or who saw groups of men running away from the area in the early hours of Saturday morning.”

Black-on-black gun crime unit Operation Trident’s non-fatal shooting team are currently investigating.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Incident Room on 020 8733 4774

This report reproduced from Ealing Times, Wednesday 4th July 2007 , by David Doyle


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One Response to Shooting after nightclub brawl

  1. Eric Leach says:

    Glad to see you are back on the air. We missed you when all the nonsense surrounding findind a new Ealing Southall MP was going on.

    Do you think your new MP will do a good job?

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