The Real Face of Southall Politics

Even to the casual observer, it is obvious that neither of the two major parties dominating Southall local politics has the interest of the town or its residents as their raison d’etre.  Not surprisingly, as the election time draws near party activists will be out in force pulling the wool over people’s eyes with handshakes and beaming faces.  The rhetoric on doorsteps and at places of worship will be unashamedly self-serving and disingenuous.

Anybody who thinks otherwise may be well advised to reflect on the calibre and achievements of the councillors elected to represent Southall.  Surely it is not unreasonable to expect that our councillors are able to read, write and speak English to a good level, and to be proficient in the use of Information Technology?  Most sane people would consider this to be a minimum requirement for anybody considering standing for election as a councillor.  Sadly, the reality for Southall is disappointing and frankly rather disturbing.  Whilst Southall has a handful of councillors who are extremely able and effective in working for their wards, many are woefully ill-equipped for such an office, and if truth be told, are often a laughing stock at council meetings.  No wonder Southall is treated as a second class ghetto within Ealing.

What is even more sinister is that this sorry state of affairs is perpetuated by both the major parties.  Try asking them why they do not have any standards or selection criteria to ensure that prospective candidates standing under their banner are suitably qualified and keen to serve the people who might elect them into office.  You might as well be hitting your head against a brick wall.  One might be forgiven for thinking that if the Labour or Conservative had their way they would be prepared to select a monkey to stand in Southall if they thought the people would vote for him or her.  ‘Dirty politics’ may be an apt phrase to describe the workings of local politics within Ealing’s political parties – the will to power is far greater than the will to serve.

Given the failure of the local political parties to represent the interests of Southall, the only hope would seem to lie in electing dedicated independent candidates who are willing and able to work for this part of the borough. This unfortunately is an uphill struggle, as the people of Southall tend to vote like sheep.  Let’s hope that with the changing complexion of the population of Southall the situation might change for the better.


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The time has come. A new dawn awaits. Shake off the lethargy and rise to the challenge of reclaiming your quality of life! Fight for what you deserve - after all you have been paying the council tax. Resolve to be fobbed off no longer, rise and make your voice heard!
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6 Responses to The Real Face of Southall Politics

  1. councillor says:

    As a Southall councillor I have to agree with a lot of this article. It is true that much of our politics is based on selfish motives. Really, there are a few people who should never have been chosen to stand for the lbour party or the conservative party. Maybe more people take the political parties to task on this issue. You are not far off in saying that they would go as far as selecting a monkey (perhaps they already have….)

  2. R Verma says:

    At last we see a article that reflects the views and sentiments privately expressed by number of residents and often this has been a hot topic.

    How Many Southall councillors would Pass 11+ English exams? For number of years Southall has suffered degeneration at the hands of the masters in Ealing. Ten years ago the this very politicians who hailed from a single party miserably failed to represent this town for personal gains. In Southall we had two factions who’s energies were entirely focused on outdoing each other whilst the town was left to rot beyond repair.

    We had Gurcharan vs Kahbra factions always sparring. No car parking facility, no public toilet, and no new amenities that might contributed toward this once vibrant thriving community. We are still faced with the same problems 20 years on whilst the neighbouring boroughs have thrived. Residents talk about the glory days when we had day trippers from the continent and other parts of the country coming to this vibrant and diverse colourful town! Today they can’t even park! What have got left? We have the same politicians who cannot sort the mess that they created at the behest of their Masters in Ealing.

    These politicians just changed parties to further their own ambitions at the expense of this town. How many of these politicians read the material sent to them by the Ealing Officers every week? How many emails, how many letters, how many question are raised by these very politicians? Can they read, can they understand – we often we hear them telling us that they are doing voluntary work (Public Sewa) as they like to put it. I am sure if I am not mistaken that this is like a part time employment and these politicians get paid in excess of £10,000 a year.

    Today at the time of Elections we have seen an increased traffic at the religious sites in Southall where caste creed and religion normally plays an important role, but has been set aside for the votes and horse trading. The degeneration and destruction of this town will be the legacy of the politicians from across this town!

  3. Southall Hawk says:

    Southall used to internationally known as the “Little India of the UK”. In the old days, Southall was the place to be… So much happening, so vibrant, diverse, appealing & attractive. People all over the world wanted to come here & see it for their own eyes.
    Now, it’s the “Ghetto of West London”…

    It’s a real shame I tell you as its run into the ground & targeted by opportunists who devalue it. A tactic so other parts of West London remain nice, presentable & pleasant. What does this tell you? It tells you that all the people in charge care about are telling the public false promises, getting their expenses paid & going to meetings to eat & drink. What about our day to day issues? What about us the residents who have to live with repercussions of weak, pathetic action. We desperately need a radical change with an approach which will shake up Southall & bring it in line with decent, credible standards. If we don’t push for vast change & measurable valued action, Southall will be known as ‘Scummy Southall’… We have to save Southall from its DOOM….

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  5. maninblue1947 says:

    Sir/Madam: We often say: field a donkey, put a Labour sticker on its backside and it will get elected ! I lived in Heston too, and it was very much the same scene there.

  6. maninblue1947 says:

    The people I am most afraid of are the developers and modernisers. Southall is dirty, road surfaces and pavements are uneven and dangerous to ride/walk on, but still I don’t want to leave anywhere else. We have loads of shops where the people know you, that are competitive, and where the customer is a person and not a number. I walk the streets, meet people, have a chat. And then of course the wealth of places of worship of all the faiths you can think off, and those you never knew. Valmiki, Ambedkar ?

    But I would like to get rid of the Tudor Rose !

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