London Mayor Plans to Run Down Southall

Plans to build nearly 4,000 flats on the Southall Gasworks site that were rejected by Ealing Council are now being re-considered by Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London. This is probably the biggest issue facing the Southall community for many years and it will be a disaster for the town if the Mayor gives it the go ahead.

These plans have been opposed by all the Southall councillors, the Southall community, both local MP’s, Hillingdon Council and even the GLA Deputy Mayor Richard Barnes. The Mayor has taken the shocking decision to override this democratic process and may be looking to impose this horrendous development on the Southall Community.

The Mayor will be considering the planning application at a hearing in London. It is vital that as many as possible people from Southall attend this hearing and let the Mayor know that he cannot just ignore local democracy and ride roughshod over the people of Southall. Let us make it known loud and clear that approval of the application will lead to massive protests.

The date of the hearing is Thursday 25 March 2010, 6.00pm. Please assemble at Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Park Avenue, Southall at 3.30pm. The coach will depart for London at 4pm sharp.

Thanks to Salvinder Dhillon, Indian Welfare Association, Save Our Southall for bringing this to our attention.

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2 Responses to London Mayor Plans to Run Down Southall

  1. rakesh says:

    Do we know which councillors will be attending the hearing? I work in London and will make every effort to join you in London straight after work.

    I think the Ealing conservative council is really in favour of this development and are making fools of us by this clever ploy of rejecting the plans, and then getting their fellow politician boris to overturn their decision. Don’t be fooled!

    Let’s see if any conservative councillors (Gurcharan Singh?) turn up to support the people of Southall.

    To be honest, I will be surprised to see any Southall councillor, nor do I expect to see Vrendra Sharma.

  2. southallmunda says:

    our leaders need to wake up and do something for the people of southall, not keep thinking of their own interests all the time! I haven’t heard any shopkeeper talk about this, I don’t think they give a toss as long as they make money, just like the betting shops where the homeless and druggies hang out. All our leader want is power and money, Same goes for Boris, he couldn’t give a **** what happens to southall!

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