Boris Unleashes Gasworks Nightmare on Southall

Mayor Runs Down SouthallAt this evening’s public enquiry Boris used his executive powers to impose the Gasworks development on the people of Southall despite the rejection of the plans by Ealing Council’s planning committee last year.

Since becoming Mayor, what has Boris done to alleviate the problems faced by the people of Southall? Problems that include widespread drug dealing and drug related crime, a large population of unemployed, homeless young people, under-resourced policing to deal with drug trafficking, proliferation of Betting shops, over-congestion and traffic to name a few.

The Conservative led Ealing council, whilst rejecting the plans last year, has done very little to put pressure on Boris not to approve the plans. This saga is yet another testament to Ealing council’s ambivalence on matters pertaining to Southall. Phil Taylor, the Conservative councillor for Northfield ward had this to say on his website in December last year

“In many ways this is a very exciting project. It puts 3,750 homes on derelict land right on top of Southall station which will become a Crossrail station. Obviously people worry that an already busy area will become way too crowded.”

This sums up rather well the real position of Ealing council on this matter. No wonder the council failed to put up a fight to prevent Boris overturning their decision. Let’s wait and see how Ealing council reacts to this latest undemocratic imposition by the Mayor of London; no doubt the people of Southall still have the will to continue the fight based on planning, congestion, traffic and environmental issues.

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One Response to Boris Unleashes Gasworks Nightmare on Southall

  1. Eric Leach says:

    This is an awful decision. The only vehicular access to these 3,500 homes is the centre of Southall which is already heavilly congested. Informal estimates of the current population of Southall are around 150,000. This suggests very high occupancy rates. So four people per new home would see that population rise to 164,000. In other words bigger than the cities of Oxford, Perborough and Dundee.

    However the decision is consistent with Ealing Council’s unapproved LDF plans to build over 10,000 homes within 800 metres of Southall, West Ealing, Ealing Broadway and Acton Stations by 2026.

    Of course it’s unclear where the children in the new homes would be educated; where all the incomers would recieve healthcare and how the new private gated estates would be Policed.

    By 2031 current predictions are that 23% of the population will be over 65 and 3% will be over 85. Again it’s not clear where the specialised local services for the 2,000 over 65s and the 300 over 85 year olds will be located.

    I guess as the Tories have ring fenced the open spaces then all these new residents and the new services will be located in lots and lots of huge tower blocks

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