Ealing Council Elections 6 May 2010

Dormers Wells: Tej Bagha, Tejinder Singh Dhami, Ranjit Lal Dheer
Lady Margaret: Mohinder Kaur Midha, Karam Chand Mohan, Swaran Singh Padda
Norwood Green: Mohammad Aslam, Gurmit Mann, Rajinder Mann
Southall Broadway: M.Shahid Kausar, Zahida Abbas Noori, Surinder Nath Varma
Southall Green: Jasbir Kaur Anand, Kamaljit Singh Dhindsa, Swarn Singh Kang

All elected councillors in Southall are Labour Party candidates, and overall Ealing now has a Labour majority of 11 seats.


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The time has come. A new dawn awaits. Shake off the lethargy and rise to the challenge of reclaiming your quality of life! Fight for what you deserve - after all you have been paying the council tax. Resolve to be fobbed off no longer, rise and make your voice heard!
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18 Responses to Ealing Council Elections 6 May 2010

  1. Southall Lad says:

    It was a Labour blitz!!!

    They completely cleaned up shop in the Southall wards.

    Isn’t it great what the block vote and campaign of fear and dirty tricks can buy you these days!

    Oh well, another 4 years of completely shite public services in Southall…

  2. geezer says:

    Indeed, a clean sweep by Labour, pity the sheep mentality of Southall residents does not allow quality candidates (be they from other parties or independents) to be elected.

    But I wouldn’t be despondent or complacent – being elected doesn’t give these councillors carte-blanche to ignore the wishes of their constituents and to deliver shite public services. We need to campaign for the ordinary residents to become more involved in local issues and to demand that our elected councillors are made to work 101% for the betterment of Southall and its people.

    You never know, you may even find your man Singh is more effective (on a local level) from the outside rather than from within….

    I urge people not give up the fight to get a better deal for Southall, and if our newly elected councillors are failing us or taking the mickey ( as Sharma has done in the past), then let’s expose them!

  3. Singh says:

    All good sayijng this but the mentality of the older generation cannot prevent a labour whitewash!

    I did not vote Labour but can see other idiots did, i mean why woudl you vote for Sharam.

    However it isnt clear i assume of all the current work going in SOuthall who does it! Some people think Labour are doing this, this needs to be clarified i guess?

    I think other local councillors such as Manjit Singh, Gurcharan etc expected to win the vote, but I assume peopel just see Labour and place a tick there.!

    Did Manjit Singh etc stay as local councillor for southall broadway, despite defecting from Labour? if so should another local election not have been done previosuly???

    Lets hoep somethign comes about this!

  4. Southall Lad says:

    Geezer’s right – i for one, am more interested than ever to hold our so called representatives to account.

    @Singh, Manjit Singh did stay as a councillor – in fact, all of the defecting councillors did. I agree, that sort of thing should lead to a snap council election in those wards but the current system doesn’t allow for that. You’re right about the Labour tick – in Southall, some people have a malignant Labour cancer!

  5. singh says:

    I saw this woman doign shoppign in southall on the weekend, first time ive seen her in southall and she wasnt working..oh well

    I actually know Tasha well too, and she confirmed that this woman is evil!

  6. singh says:

    The confusion lies about who does/did/is doing all the work in Southall, we know its not Labour but probably most of Southall aassume it Labour.

    I suggest all to participate in your ward forums to get the most results, Ihave (via email) and mad quite a few improvements such as roads improvments in The Green & Beaconsfield Road, Northcote Avenue (2 lane exit)

  7. Southall Lad says:

    What was the outcome of Tasha’s case? I couldn’t find anything.

    Also, how do I get involved in the ward forums?

  8. singh says:

    Depends which part you fit in??


    Can you think of any issues?

    the outcome, was a pay off, Tasha has now left the area!

  9. Southall Lad says:

    That is so dodgy! Typical really! I’m definitely going to blog about that. I’m truly sickened by the antics of the local Labour Party after this election. Our MP and his cronnies are a bunch of criminals!

    My issues are:

    -pot holes
    -council tax
    -drugs in the community
    -councillor and MP code of conduct
    -Spike’s Bridge Park
    -the gassworks development
    -Ealing Hospital

  10. singh says:

    -pot holes – use link above and also any pavement problems
    -council tax – councillors?
    -drugs in the community – ward forums or local safer neighhbourhoods http://cms.met.police.uk/met/boroughs/ealing/index
    -councillor and MP code of conduct – ealing council?
    -Spike’s Bridge Park – councillors, im waiting for this too
    -the gassworks development – its in the process of an apeal as this was approved by Boris

    I also want to know about Phoenix House
    New Car Park
    Traffic Congestion Improvements
    Controlled Zone timings
    -Ealing Hospital

  11. Southall Lad says:

    Singh! I appreciate the pointers mate!

    I feel really galvanised about the community now. I’ve met so many people over the last few weeks, who like us, have a real passion for the area. I’m going to translate that into action!

    Hold these people to account!

    • Singh says:

      so which ward do you fall in? trying to gether more info without giving away to o much
      Im from Southall Broadway ward

  12. GSinghOnline says:


    I noticed how much a good speakerbox this site is for Southall-related issues so have linked to it from Gurcharan’s website. If you don’t mind, I’d also like to use this opportunity to inform you of his new forum:


    Please visit, join and be a part of the debate!

    Best regards,

    Webmaster – GSinghOnline.com

  13. Singh says:


    there is a reasons we are here to remain impartial not to visit another site

    there is a post on the forum regarding betting shops what is the process with this?

  14. geezer says:

    Singh, Ealing Council’s Statement on Gambling might be worth a read to get some info on the process with Betting shops. Here is the link:

    Ealing’s policy Statement For Gambling

  15. Singh says:


    it doesnt help
    Im refferign to sites such as Coral in South Road which houses pupils from Villiers High school, perhaps ban gambling until the age of 21

    Lets be honest there isnt a clean gamblign place in Southall all are ridden with crime

  16. Southall Lad says:

    That’s been posted about on Gurcharan’s forum (not that I’m trying to take any light away from this discussion).

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