Ealing Council Hikes Parking Charges by up to 500%

Cabinet member for Transport and Environment, Councillor Bassam Mahfouz recently confirmed that the Council was increasing the price of permits, and below is a list of the price hikes that came into effect on 1st January 2011 (can also be viewed as a pdf file here):

Current Price
New Price
Resident Permits £25 £40 60%
Resident Permits £45 £75 67%
Springbridge Road Season Permit £500 £600 20%
Business Permits £250 £600 140%
Doctors Permits £250 £600 140%
Veterinary Permits £250 £600 140%
Religious Permits £5 £30 500%

Allotment Permits £5 £30 500%
Resident Visitor Vouchers £0.40 per hour £0.50 per hour capped at an all day rate of £3.50 25%
CPZ Business Vouchers/ Service Vouchers 1 per hour 1.20 per hour 20%
Temporary Resident Permits (New resident/Change of Vehicle) £5 for 2 weeks £5 per week 100%
Temporary Resident Permits (Courtesy Car) £10 for six weeks £5 per week 200%
Dispensations (Contractors/Builders) £10 for two weeks 10 per day 1300%
Suspensions £30 for 3 residential bays for 3 days 30 for the first bay for the first day then 10 per bay per day thereafter 200%
Pay and Display Rates 60p per hour 1.20 per hour 100%
Pay and Display Rates £1.20 per hour 1.60 per hour 33%
Pay and Display Rates £1.80 per hour 2 per hour 11%
Herbert Road Car Park Rates £1 per hour weekdays and 1 per hour for the first hour and £1.50 for each additional hour on weekends £1.50 per hour Mon-Fri
£2 per hour Sat-Sun

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The time has come. A new dawn awaits. Shake off the lethargy and rise to the challenge of reclaiming your quality of life! Fight for what you deserve - after all you have been paying the council tax. Resolve to be fobbed off no longer, rise and make your voice heard!
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4 Responses to Ealing Council Hikes Parking Charges by up to 500%

  1. Eric Leach says:

    I find the doctors’, vets’, and businesses’ permits rising from £250 per year to £600 per year ridiculous. One would have to describe this Ealing Labour Council as being anti-business.

  2. geezer says:

    Eric, the hike in charges has to be described as more than just ridiculous – it would be more accurate to say that Ealing Council is carrying out legalized extortion.

    I have been told by Ealing Council officers that revenue generating services (in particular Parking Services) are even ‘more important’ to the council given the cuts in central government funding, and we can expect to see parking enforcement to be stepped up in order to fleece maximum revenue from the poor public.

  3. Singh says:

    shocking site info
    thsi was a good site before but thi was posted on jan 15th

    this info came to light in November

    Its a hike as the ploy is to freeze council tax… which means majority are happy

    Ive no idea how Bassam got a job, he is very much out of his depth

    also a consuiltation shouldve been carried out before thsi implementation!

  4. Sukh says:

    I hope we see a similar reduction in council workers perks, ie pensions and wages. The council seem to want the public to take the full hit to fund their lifestyles…..

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