A Positive Move for Southall?

Ealing Gazette recently (3 December 2010) reported that Council leader Julian Bell had an “eye-opening” experience while out on patrol with Southall Police. and called for business, faith and community leaders to get together to address the prostitution and drug use in Southall.

Bell went on to say “I would like to hold a meeting that brings together community leaders, business leaders, faith leaders and the council so we can develop a strategy for the next three or four years. No one group can tackle this alone and expect to be successful. It’s only by working together that we would make any sort of impact.”

Although we do not have any details yet, our sources tell us that a public meeting has been set up to take place at the Dominion Centre, Southall on 10 March 2011 where Mr Bell and Chief Superintendent Andy Rowell are billed to address the audience.

Let’s hope that this is the start of something positive for Southall, and does not just turn into just another talking shop.

It might just be worthwhile keeping an eye on this…


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2 Responses to A Positive Move for Southall?

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