Who will you vote for on 22 May 2014?

labour councillorIn 2010 we wrote an article where we stated that

“one might be forgiven for  thinking that if some of the local parties had their way they would be prepared to select a monkey to stand in Southall if they thought the people would vote for him or her.”

It seems that nothing has changed going by correspondence we have received from some residents of Southall. It is not only shocking, but also sad to observe the depth to which the standard of politics has sunk – we are tempted to go further and say that a monkey might actually do a better job than some of the current councillors in office.

In case you think we are scaremongering, here is an email response from one Southall councillor to some perfectly reasonable enquiries made by a resident in his/her ward

“[name],Thanks for your e-mail.better you contact to southall green ward councillors because that area comes in their ward,but i am agree with this proposal .its not fair to open late night.


We have verified that the above is a correspondence reproduced exactly as received from the Southall councillor, with the grammar and punctuation unchanged. This is just one examples of many such shocking replies being received from Southall councillors.

As stated in our earlier article, surely it is not unreasonable to expect that our councillors are able to read, write and speak English to a good level, and to be proficient in the use of Information Technology?  Most sane people would consider this to be a minimum requirement for anybody considering standing for election as a councillor. It is fair to conclude that Labour does not care, has no procedures in place to ensure that it only puts forward candidates that have the ability to represent their ward to a high standard. We are forced to repeat that “ ‘dirty politics’ may be an apt phrase to describe the workings of local politics within Ealing’s political parties – the will to power is far greater than the will to serve.”

With the election looming, the sheep-mentality party activists will be out in force pulling the wool over people’s eyes with handshakes and beaming faces.  The rhetoric on doorsteps and at places of worship will be unashamedly self-serving and disingenuous.


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The time has come. A new dawn awaits. Shake off the lethargy and rise to the challenge of reclaiming your quality of life! Fight for what you deserve - after all you have been paying the council tax. Resolve to be fobbed off no longer, rise and make your voice heard!
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8 Responses to Who will you vote for on 22 May 2014?

  1. Charles A says:

    and you’re serving as a good example to those that read this blog, 3 years since the last post 😉

    Anyway name and shame, who is this Councillor, also will help knowing what the ‘residents’ actual issue was and where

    • geezer says:

      There can be a host of reasons why a blog might have become inactive, such as ill health, running out of steam, or even death! Unfortunately inconsistency is usually pert and parcel of the package when things are being run on a voluntary basis.

      To answer your question, it is more than one councillor who does not appear equipped to serve the residents. Following a spate of all night applications by clubs and entertainment premises, the residents had simply asked ward councillors specific questions, such as were they aware of these applications, did they think that allowing the applications would lead to an increase in crime, anti-social behaviour and noise pollution, would this be in accordance with Ealings Licencing policy which is commited to moving away from an alcohol led culture to create more family friendly entertainment venues…

      • Charles A says:

        Fair enough, it was a light hearted note anyway
        however still the Councillor hasn’t been named, any reason??
        I see other politicians such as the blog by Phil Taylor or Colm Costello, naming and shaming poor southall Councillors but this blog cannot do so?

      • geezer says:

        Charles, sometimes residents are a little hesitant in going public for fear of losing what little support they might have been getting from their ineffective councillor. We try, but in the end always respect the wishes of our sources…

      • Charles A says:

        if the blog is anonymous, does the councillor actually knows who runs this blog, its not anonymous??
        Have a look at what happened with southall broadway councilors, they were all ineffective, and fought against each other
        now there are three new candidates for labour, no doubt they will win, but they were just shown to the public two weeks ago, thats confidence for you!

  2. sad resident says:

    From a Southall resident since 1960’s

    First thank you for your reminder about ‘what’s going on’ in Southall.

    Looking at the past issues , it is time to assess the progress or lack of it. The local people should start sharing all their information and experience. Between us all we probably have a huge amount of information about the way Ealing Council deals with it’s people.We will learn a lot about the corporate face of the Council and the ‘Bricks’ in the wall of Perceval House (councillors , officers etc.). I’ve given up on the Council and the MP and the Councillors and just get on with my life. I’m not a tory , but unless the Labour ratings go down & down, the politicians will never understand where they are going wrong. A lot of the old voters are becoming very elderly (and leaving us) and the younger generation have lost interest and confidence.

    Let’s start with all our stories about waste collection, missed collections, parks & gardens (lack of), fly tipping , Southall Library, drugs, ghat, violence against children in families, alcohol abuse & the effect on families, safety in public places, Public Order Notices, overcrowding on the Broadway and now on King Street, sects and groups setting up their own hub of a ‘religious places’ – why? Is this not a form of inverted separatism? Is it all about: ‘how to make money?’ , What about the eye sore construction (past 3 years) on King Street trying to build an Afghani Temple. What about a pavement to walk on? What about the 3 / 4 zebra crossings on The Green and King Street? Have you seen the treacherous condition of them? Are the Council incapable of taking action unless we complain? Why can’t they do their job? After all the rate payers pay their wages. I could go on & on. Lets talk. And then Vote ……. or may be not!

    A Sad Resident Sad smile

    • Charles A says:

      Agree, Old southall/UB2/Southall Green -what you call it now is long overdue investment
      Its been polished in some parts but that is money from TFL not Ealing council!
      The only way to learn is to note vote labour, but the ‘resident’ above clearly voted labour in the past two decades, why?

  3. mamta says:

    In the article you said “the will to power is far greater than the will to serve.” I think this should be expanded to ahow their selfish motives, to
    “the will to power and promote their selfish needs is far greater than the will to serve.”

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