Ealing Local Plan Policy 1.1

Vision For Ealing 1.1
eal_dev_strgy(a) By 2026, we aim to provide 14,000 additional homes, 94,500 sqm of new office floorspace, decrease our net stock of industrial floorspace by 57,000 sqm (equivalent to 14 hectares) through managed release and provide up to 128,400 gross sqm of new retail floorspace.

(b) Development of these new homes, business and retail space will be primarily concentrated in:

  • The Uxbridge Road / Crossrail corridor – particularly focused in Acton, Ealing and Southall town centres; around key stations at Acton Mail Line, Ealing Broadway and Southall; and, municipal housing estates including Copley Close, Green Man Lane, Havelock and South Acton.
  • The A40 / Park Royal corridor – particularly focused in Greenford town centre; Acton Main Line, Greenford and North Acton stations; Park Royal; and, other industrial estates.

(c) To promote business and enterprise by securing the stock of employment land,encouraging regeneration and renewal and being responsive to market demands. For industrial and warehousing businesses, we will protect our position as one of London’s premier locations. For the office market we will reverse our relative underperformance ompared to neighbours; with a focus on providing high quality office space in Ealing town centre and capturing benefits afforded by Crossrail.

(d) To ensure the viability and vitality of the borough’s town centres in accordance with the established shopping hierarchy.

(e) To be a healthy and safe place to live and ensure that the necessary physical, social and green infrastructure and services as identified in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan are provided and enhanced in the borough1.

(f) To support sustainable, safe and convenient transport networks to and through Ealing that, in particular, improve north-south transport links between the Uxbridge Road / Crossrail and A40 / Park Royal corridors and to promote healthy travel behaviour and seeks to reduce the need to travel.

(g) To protect and enhance suburban communities, improve public transport, cycle and pedestrian links to the development corridors and neighbourhoods.

(h) To care for the borough’s historic character and enhance the significance of heritage assets in regeneration proposals, ensure excellence in urban design and design out crime to make Ealing’s environment safe, attractive and accessible for all.

(i) To protect and enhance the pattern of green spaces and green corridors, identify and safeguard quiet areas and spaces of relative tranquillity and ensure that new development improves and adds to green space.

(j) To reduce the environmental impact of activities within the borough, protecting and improving air quality and ambient noise levels, achieving and maintaining a clean and healthy environment for all communities to enjoy.

(k) To promote sustainable design and construction in all development to play our part in addressing the global challenge of climate change.


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