Ealing Local Plan Policy 2.8

Revitalise Southall Town Centre

(a) To regenerate Southall Town Centre leading to the provision of up to 3,320 additional mixed tenure homes.

(b) To re-configure the boundaries of Southall Town Centre to incorporate the major retail development on Southall Gas Works site whilst at the same time excluding the area south of The Green. The centre will provide a high quality mainstream retail offer to complement the Asian offer elsewhere within the centre including the development of up to 24-32,000 sqm of gross retail floor space, provision of town centre parking on the Southall Gas Works site and a package of bus improvement measures so that visitors can visit other parts of the centre. King Street has been re-branded as a neighbourhood shopping centre serving Southall Green.

(c) To promote The Broadway, South Road and The Green as an ‘Asian Gateway’ with a strong cultural offer for banqueting, conferencing, festivals and performing arts, along with Asian retailing and restaurants.

(d) To modify Southall station to cater for Crossrail services to provide increased capacity, improved facilities, enhanced station integration and interchange, to widen the South Road bridge to facilitate bus movement and a high quality pedestrian environment and to permit high densities appropriate for development in the vicinity subject to improvement of physical infrastructure in the station area.

(e) To provide additional community facilities – including a new community hub comprising a library and health centre, extended schools facilities and a new two or three form entry primary school with community access.

(f) To build up to 2,620 new homes on the Southall Gas Works site by 2026 (out of a planned total of 3,750) with a balance of market, affordable housing and family housing with bigger unit sizes to reflect household characteristics in Southall and the borough’s housing needs, to provide a range of supporting physical, social and green infrastructure and to implement a Low Emission Strategy.

(g) To make junction and wider improvements along the South Road corridor to improve capacity and journey time reliability.

(h) To further explore opportunities for creating a district energy network.

(i) To cater for and enhance Southall’s heritage assets through proposals such as the refurbishment of the Manor House, Southall Town Hall and the Himalaya cinema to accommodate a range of retail and community uses whilst establishing linkages to wider regeneration proposals affecting the town centre.


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