The people of Southall are no longer willing to live with poor service from the council, and will take exception if their councillors take them for a ride. The time has come to throw away the shackles of ingrained unquestioning admiration and respect for those in office; a time to shake off the lethargy and rise to the challenge of reclaiming our quality of life! Don’t just keep paying council tax for second rate services – join us in the fight to develop a better Southall for all.

Arise! Tomorrow heralds a new dawn.

If you have experiences, stories, photos that you would like us to publish please send them to southallpride@gmail.com


8 Responses to About

  1. Cllr John Popham says:

    Congratulations on your first edition Southall Pride. I look to seeing future editions.

    For your information the Council Leaders name is Jason Stacey and not John. You are probably confusing him with John Cudmore who was the Labour leader for 12 years.

    It would be useful if you supplied the names of the people running this site. If you want people support you then you need to be open about who you are. People are reluctant to support anonymous campaign groups. If you look at sites that you have provided links to like West Ealing Neighbours, then you will find that they are very open about who the active people are.

  2. geezer says:

    Thank you for you comment Cllr John Popham, and thank you for correcting the Council Leader’s name.

    We are a small group of residents who have been living in Southall for over 20 years. We decided not to publish our names because we did not want our campaign work to have a prejudicial effect on the quality of service we get from Ealing council, and we don’t want ‘local politics’ to get in the way of our campaign.

    I think staying anonymous online can work as long as all our posts / articles are based on facts, and not just a case of council bashing.

    This is something which of course we can review in the future.

  3. Eric Leach says:

    I am an Interim Committee member of West Ealing Neighbours (WEN). I have lived in West Ealing for over 20 years.

    I have looked at your site and I want to complement you on the site and on all your efforts. Thank you very much for publicising our site on your site. I will ensure that we will publicise your site on ours. The goals of Southall Pride are very silmilar to WEN’s goals.

    I wish you every success and offer you the hand of co-operating with you on your campaigns. Many of Southall’s problems are similar to West Ealing’s problems. WEN is only one year old, but we already have 143 members.

    Good luck for the future.

  4. geezer says:

    Eric, thank you very much for the encouragement and offer of support. It’s heartening to learn that WEN’s membership has grown so well. We look forward to working with you on common causes in the future.

  5. jas singh says:

    Keep up the good work..well done

  6. Cllr. Gurcharan Singh says:

    Dear Southall Pride,
    I was delighted to see your website and am now more hopeful than ever that with your concerted efforts we can raise issues of concern at a proper forum and in a more prominent/ effective manner.
    I represent Lady Margaret Ward and am currently the Chair of the Southall area Committee. Therfore plese do not hesitate to contact me either via email or via 0796 7078839.
    Cllr. Gurcharan Singh

  7. Khushwant says:

    Is there anything being done by the “butcher” ealing council on road surfacing, or illegal yellow lines. !! South Road, by the Quality Food has illegal yellow lines according to the traffic act since the road is not straight its all curvey yet council manages to bank £50 per contravention if paid in 14 Days.

    Broadway is even worse,
    Greenford Road has new bus lanes !! and operational until 8PM ?? What the heck is going on! there is no right turn into Ruislip Road East from Greenford Road/Ruislip Road Junction which means motorirst have to make a left into on of the side roads and queue up in the Windmill road, that is long overdue for re-surfacing. !! Nothing being done !!

    Khushwant Singh

  8. singh says:

    Great site, needs a bit more promoting and updating
    However useful news from the team!
    Keep it up!

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